Celebrating with Shisha on your Anniversary

Celebrating with Shisha on your Anniversary Your anniversary always calls for a celebration. The question is: what is the best way to acknowledge such an important milestone? It seems that couples have finally started to clock on to the joys of celebrating yet another year together by lighting up hookah. If you and your partner…Continue Reading

4 Tips for an Epic Shisha Party

4 Tips for an Epic Shisha Party Everyone loves a good house party, and the themed ones are always the best. Take a little break from your hectic daily life, invite your friends over and throw a shisha party to remember with these 4 tips. Shisha-Round #1 by thowi licensed under Creative commons 6 Have…Continue Reading

Having Trouble Sleeping? Use Shisha to Sleep

Having Trouble Sleeping? Use Shisha to Sleep There’s nothing worse than tossing and turning in an effort to fall asleep. This is, unfortunately, a nightly routine for far too many people. The question is: what’s the best way to nod off when you regularly have trouble sleeping? It just so happens that shisha is a…Continue Reading

Smoking Shisha with your Parents

Smoking Shisha with your Parents It can sometimes be a struggle to kill time when you’re entertaining your parents at your home. After all, they’ve probably got different tastes in films, music and general conversation. So what activity can you do when faced with several hours of mum and dad time? The answer – which…Continue Reading

How to host a Shisha Dinner Party

Shisha Dinner Party Shisha is a great social activity; shisha pipes can be passed around and shared, and smoking shisha is a great way to relax and loosen up when you’re around your closest friends. Shisha also goes hand in hand with great food: Middle-Eastern and Lebanese restaurants offering hookahs for use before or after…Continue Reading

Three Great Books to read with hookah

Shisha and books are a real match made in heaven. After all, both are perfect for helping people to unwind and enjoy a few hours of their own company. The question is: what are the best books to read with hookah? Luckily, there’s almost an unlimited selection of texts that can enhance your shisha-smoking experience…Continue Reading