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How to Make Smoke Bubbles?

How to Make Smoke Bubbles?

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Shisha Smoke Trick #10: Smoke Bubble

Hookahs have been gaining popularity among smokers and even non-smokers for the last few years. People have learned loads of smoke tricks and one of the most popular among them is making smoke bubbles. It does not take an expert to do so. All that you need is to learn few steps properly and practice them.

How to Make Smoke Bubbles

Sometimes, the shisha party enters in a dull and boring moment; we can avoid this by trying different smoke tricks.

Things Needed to Make Smoke Bubbles

  • A funnel or an empty water bottle with its base removed. (Watch the video, learn the process)
  • A solution that will help you to create bubbles
  • Of course, a shisha/hookah pipe

Place the funnel over the solution and make sure to let it rest for a few seconds. Have a deep drag of your hookah and make sure all of the smoke has filled up your mouth and do not release it. Pick up the funnel and blow the smoke into it. As you do this, you can see the gradual formation of the bubbles. You should control the amount of smoke you release because this will affect the size of the bubbles. Finally, you should keep practicing to master this smoke bubble technique.

Buying Your Shisha

Besides learning shisha smoke tricks to amaze your friends, your shisha party won’t be completed if you don’t use a right shisha pipe and shisha flavour. Do not be overwhelmed and make sure to take out some time to consider each shisha options available in the market. If you are on the lookout for shisha pipe in the UK, do not forget to visit UK’s best online Shisha Shop. The store offers a wide selection of shisha-related products, all of which are with superior quality to ensure your highest level of satisfaction.

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How to Make Smoke Bubbles?

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