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Why you need a shisha pipe gift BEFORE Christmas

Shisha Pipe Gift ideas – Free Shisha Starter Bundle Kit with Flavours and Charcoal worth £15.80 with every Shisha Pipe purchased for Christmas! Shisha Shop is currently offering a Shisha Starter Bundle Kit that includes Flavours and Charcoals (Everything you need to get you started with  Shisha this Christmas) FREE with all orders for a Shisha…Continue Reading

Now is the Best Time to Try Shisha With a New Hookah Pipe

For many people, the New Year is the time to make new resolutions, do different things, try new stuff, so why not kick it off by getting yourself a new hookah pipe, or trying a shisha flavour you’ve never tried before? Now is a great time, too, because like everyone else in the country, we’re…Continue Reading

Kaya Shisha Pipes – Premium Looks, Premium Smoke

Kaya Shisha Pipes – Premium Looks, Premium Smoke

Kaya have quite a reputation in the shisha marketplace for producing quality products with off-the-wall designs. Stepping away from traditional form, yet with a nod to the past, they provide us with some stunning futuristic designs with features to match. We are now stocking their latest range, the ELOX. They have Anodised Aluminium metal parts…Continue Reading

A Quick Guide to what you need to Smoke Shisha

Many people are terrified by smoking shisha, and it’s not surprising given the size of the pipes and the fact they look so ornamental. When my first pipe turned up, the box was massive and it had me thinking “why all this for a simple smoke?” Well, trust me, it’s worth the effort! However, if…Continue Reading