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Can you do these smoke tricks?

The web is full videos of people doing smoke tricks, but here are a few favourites!

Lots of tricks are demo’d using cigarettes, but here’s a guy doing the stuff with a hookah pipe:

Shisha Smoke Amazing Tricks by Amazingfunny

OK, some great tricks there, but how do you do them? As any shisha fan will tell you, when you’re smoking with a group of friends, it’s the one that creates the best smoke tricks that wins, so I took a look around to find the best sites that explain how to do this stuff.

Turns out, WikiHow has you covered!

This eight-step guide gives you a good grounding in the basics and explains how to create rings. It also gives some great tips on how to practice the art so you can get it right in front of friends!


Now, you may be someone who’s decided to take the healthier route and try an e-shisha. That’s fine, you can also join in, check out this video from Sam Kahlif:

What are your favourite tricks? Let us know!

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