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How Hookah pipes are perfect for house party’s

All your friends have arrived, the drinks are flowing, music is blasting and all the pizza has been eaten. What could make your house party better? Hookah! Breaking out some Hookah pipes is a fantastic and unique way to create an atmosphere at any event and your house party is no different.
Hookah Pipes


Hookah by QuinnDombrowski licensed under Creative commons 5

Hookah Pipes

Whether outside on the patio or inside your home, the wonderfully aromatic smoke, beautifully crafted Hookah pipes and communal spirit they create will make your party one your guests are guaranteed to remember. One of the best things about smoking shisha is the shared social dynamic it can create – passing around the pipe and inviting new and old friends to share favourite flavours is a great way to generate original conversation.

Perfect for music

As your favourite music plays and smoke billows throughout the room, guests can relax and enjoy the enticing smells of a thousand different flavours. Lights blink through the newly created ambience, making for an intriguing and visually stunning environment. Who needs smoke machines when you have hookah pipes? Whether you are listening to some hard house beats, funk and disco or commercial classics, shisha can add to even the liveliest dance floor. If your vibe is a little more chill, low-fi, psychedelic or trance, can you picture a better activity as you lie back and relax than indulging in some aromatic smoke from a majestic pipe?

Or for conversation

Perhaps your party atmosphere is a little more conversational; a small group of close friends chilling out and chatting. Once again Hookah pipes can only add to your mellow vibes, as you and your mates lean back and enjoy the smoke together in a shared environment. It’s almost the perfect picture of a Moroccan souk as animated discussion and smoke combine to create a friendly and intimate space.

And even the movies

If your idea of an ideal evening in includes a good film or two then shisha is the perfect accompaniment. Shared with close friends as you enjoy whatever movie you choose, hookah allows you to relax and share an activity whilst watching and discussing your favourite films.

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Creating the perfect environment for shisha

Don’t be afraid to cancel a night out in favour of staying in with hookah. After all, the pastime is a great way to spend a few hours – whether you’re with a group of friends, chatting one-on-one with your partner or simply enjoying some alone time. You can really get the most out of…Continue Reading