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What makes a great hookah party song?

What makes a great hookah party song?

No party is complete without music, and while most people will have their favourite songs to listen to whilst smoking shisha, there are plenty of different schools of thought on hookah party song ideas. Many enthusiasts of the culture will suggest that the best music for shisha smokers is the conversation as they connect with others. This is a good rule of thumb to abide by – your guests are there to connect with one another while they smoke, so whatever music you choose should be little more than background ambiance or a conversation starter.

Hookah party song
Hookah Lounge (#9753) by mark sebastian licensed under Creative commons 5

Maintaining the ambience

The music you choose should never be turned up to deafening proportions, like at a nightclub, and it shouldn’t be anything that you know some of your guests won’t enjoy. Every guest should feel valued, and the interactions between guests shouldn’t be obstructed by a loud hookah party song playing in the background. You work hard to get the ambience right for your hookah party, and the soundtrack is an integral part of that.

As a general rule, you should avoid anything that lacks any semblance of a soul, so no pop music. There will be many who would encourage you to connect with the original spirit of the hookah or shisha by playing some traditional Indian or Arabic music. Ravi Shankar on the sitar would be a good choice in this vein, but a little research should yield a bounty of options in the traditional Indian or Arabic genres of music.

Thinking outside the box

Alternatively, you could opt for anything that conjures a certain ambience that guests can vibe to as they chat. Psychedelic rock music always goes down well, or a little instrumental jazz can sit nicely in the background. Perhaps some laid-back hip-hop is more your style, or some neo-soul to bring a little sensuality to the table. Whatever your taste, and that of your guests, you can’t go wrong with a hookah party song choice that doesn’t overpower the conversation, but complements the ambience you have worked so hard to set. Keep in mind the mantra of conversation being the hookah enthusiast’s best music, and go from there.

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