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Where’s the Largest Hookah Pipe in the World?

Where’s the Largest Hookah Pipe in the World?

The 17th March is St. Patrick’s day, which is always a good time for me because I like Guinness and I like food that has Guinness in it. I basically like Guinness.

So, I was looking to see if there was any Guinness flavoured shisha about and I drew a blank. Nor surprising, really, Guinness doesn’t have a taste as such, it’s a bitter drink that takes on the flavour of hops and malt. Difficult to quantify in a smoke!

If you’re more of an e-shisha type, then you can get beer flavoured juice, which I suppose is a stop-gap, but that’s really not my thing, so I left it there. I’ll just have a pint of Guinness with my smoke. Easy. Job done.

How then, to ratchet St. Patrick’s day into a blog on a Shisha site?

Easy. What else is Guinness associated with?

World records!

So, I set about investigating the largest hookah pipe in the world. It was tough.

My first search found this picture of apparently the world’s largest hookah at the airport giftshop in Iran:


Image from :

I wasn’t convinced. The guy standing next to it doesn’t look that tall to me. Interesting, though, how that’s available in an airport gift shop. How are you supposed to get that on a plane?

So I needed more digging, and I found a video:

That’s the only footage or image I can find of an apparently 21ft hookah pipe at Aladdin’s Sheesha Cafe in Tallahassee, Florida.

I can find no other reference to it at all, and not even their website mentions it! Weird, I wonder if it exists at all now, or even if it was a working pipe. Might have just been for show.

And so, I open it up to you. Do you know of any huge hookah pipes?

Let us know!