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Three creative things to do while smoking hookah

Three creative things to do while smoking hookah

You really can start to feel like the weight of the world is leaving your body with each puff of shisha. This is why people smoke hookah when they are stressed after work or want to unwind with friends. Of course, once you’ve cleared the pressures of your life from your mind you may feel ready to exert yourself – and this is the ideal time to unlock your creativity. If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are three creative things to do while smoking hookah.


Don’t forget that it’s not just about the outcome when you pick up a pencil and start to draw. Instead, it’s a process of relaxing in the zen-like state that shisha can put you in. Even if the final product isn’t something that you’ll pin up on your wall, you’ll still feel good about the fact that you tried it and it will only heighten your experience of smoking hookah. In addition, your skill should improve each time you whip out the hookah pipe to try a different flavour.


creative things to do while smoking hookah
Writing? Yeah. by crdotx licensed under Creative commons 4

Everyday pressures can often cloud your mind and make it difficult for you to think clearly. Luckily, this haze can be removed when you tuck into shisha in a laid-back environment. Try grabbing the nearest pen and scribbling down whatever comes to mind. It could be a short story or it could be a few lines about how you’ve been feeling recently. Much like smoking shisha, each time you write something you should feel a little less tense.


Adult colouring books have sprung up all over the place in the past few years. These have proven hugely popular because they help relieve stress and promote calmness – just like shisha! Whether you use a book for adults or one for children, colouring in and expressing yourself with different shades is certainly one of the most creative things to do while smoking hookah.

Unlock your creatively!

You can always try a different activity each time you enjoy shisha. Just remember that there are countless creative things to do while smoking hookah and all of them should help you to relax.

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