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Start Vaping on your Shisha with an Aspire Proteus eHookah

Start Vaping on your Shisha with an Aspire Proteus eHookah

Convert your existing traditional hookah pipe to Vape using the Aspire Proteus eHookah head

Are you a long term smoker that is looking to quit? Someone who has perhaps moved off cigarettes and onto Shisha and now looking to get off tobacco completely? Introducing the Aspire Proteus eHookah – an all new electronic shisha head that allows you to vape instead of smoke using your current Shisha Pipe! Simply place your e-hookah head on the top of your existing shisha pipe instead of your traditional normal shisha bowl. You are all set to enjoy your favourite e-juice / e-liquids through the pipe – no charcoal, no foil, no mess!

What does the Aspire Proteus eHookah come with?

The Aspire Proteus eHookah kit contains:

  1. A 10ml Proteus tank,
  2. The Proteus eHooka head
  3. 2 x Aspire 2500mah 18650 batteries
  4. 1 x Micro USB charging lead
  5. 1 x Gift box

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The body of the proteus is stylish but very simple and elegant, it is housed in a sophisticated black finish. It has a micro-USB charge port and two battery chambers with chrome finished covers for 18650s on the both sides.  

Aspire Proteus eHookah Kit

This e-hookah device comes with two Aspire 2500 mah high discharge batteries. The Proteus comes with a 10 ml capacity pyrex tank which sits in the middle of the plastic body. This size tank gives up to one hour of a vaping session.

The tank has an old-styled coil head (0.25 ounce) and big air hole right in the middle. The Proteus coil is made of stainless steel wire (316L), has an organic cotton with the resistance of 0.25 ohm. Here’s a tip for you, use higher VG e-liquid to get think vape clouds.

Aspire Proteus eHookah Kit

Note: you get one coil head with the Proteus and you can purchase replacements as well.

The Aspire Proteus eHookah has a built-in LED indicator just above the USB port. This LED light up when you charge your e-hookah device and it will flash when the battery is low and light orange when you turn on the shisha.

Flavours, e-liquids and Vape Juices

The Aspire Proteus eHookah accepts your existing vaping flavours and e-liquids (use flavours with a high VG) which mean you can enjoy what you have or even try out some new fantastic flavours from the Candy Corner range which is specially designed for use with this eHookah head.  Read more about Candy Corner flavours here from a few weeks ago.

No charcoal! No Foil! No Mess!

The best news is that you would no longer need to buy charcoal, light it and wait 15-20 minutes to heat it up whilst adding foil to the bowl, no all of that becomes redundant! Connect the Proteus eHookah to your shisha pipe, power it on and start pulling for instant vape and awesome flavour! No cleaning required! you could even just leave the eHookah head on your pipe (like we do at our office!).

Get your own Aspire Proteus eHookah Kit today at!