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Can I smoke hookah on a plane?

OK, sounds crazy, of course you can’t, but a news story broke last year that explained Emirates were about to have a new “Shisha Lounge” on its Airbus A380 fleet on planes and it went viral with loads of websites picking up on it, such as this one: Notice how that particular site is still saying it’s true, when in fact, it’s not, it was a hoax. The thing is, there was a lot of news about the new A380 and the fact that it’s the world’s biggest airliner with twin decks and some being kitted out with bars. Surely adding a hookah lounge would be feasible?

According to the news article:

The new service is set to debut on the carrier’s fleet of Airbus A380 aircraft and will be offered to Emirates’ business and first-class passengers.

So only your top-class spenders can have a smoke at 37,000 feet! But even so, that adds to the general feel that this could be true, but it goes further, as if to ram it home:

Emirates says it’s introducing the Signature Shisha Lounge to enrich the flying experience for Middle Eastern passengers, but also to introduce the Arabian custom to foreigners.

Well, we know shisha is growing in popularity and that the Middle Eastern businesses are keen to introduce their culture to the West, but seriously…

However, it turned out to be a spoof.

Of course it was! With the worldwide ban on cigarettes, even e-cigarettes, on planes, there’s no way an airline is going to allow hookah with their lit charcoal on planes!

Mind you, it would certainly pass the time on the long haul to Australia…

How to clean your shisha pipe

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Is It Dangerous to Smoke Shisha?

Is It Dangerous to Smoke Shisha?

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