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Tobacco Rules Change Today – Should We Be Worried?

I’m sure you’ve heard all over the news about the tobacco industry’s plans to stop new laws have been effectively thrown out. They have been lobbying government to stop new laws that, among other things, would mean all cigarettes need to be sold in plain, olive green packaging.

This is an attempt to take away the glamour of smoking cigarettes. For years anti-smoking lobbyists have argued that cigarette packaging is too enticing for children, and encourages them to take up the habit.

But there are other parts to the new law that many have missed, but which others have seen as potentially problematic for shisha smokers.


From today, the sale of flavoured cigarettes is also banned.

If you were a fan of menthol flavoured cigarettes, well, your luck’s up! As of today, they’re banned.

But hang on, does that mean shisha flavours are also banned?

Well, don’t fret. Because shisha tobacco doesn’t sell in such huge quantities as cigarette tobacco, they have skipped the ban, and you can continue to buy and enjoy your flavours as before. However, the pots they come in must be plain and carry a health warning.

It’ll be interesting to see what effect this has on the sale of shisha though as people realise they can move to a new hobby to enjoy something they’ve been taking part in for years.

And eventually, will shisha flavours be banned?

Maybe now’s the time to turn to herbal alternatives!

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