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Are Steam Stones a Safer Way to Enjoy Shisha?

Are Steam Stones a Safer Way to Enjoy Shisha?

One of the biggest problems facing us shisha smokers these days is the relentless torrent of news telling us that it’s bad for us. Search anything to do with shisha or hookah and you’ll get the same results, “shisha is bad for you”, “shisha is worse than cigarettes” etc, etc. Let’s face it, we’re going…Continue Reading

The Shisha V Cigarette Debate Continues…

Is shisha “far more dangerous” than cigarettes? Do we have to cover this ground yet again? It seems so because there’s even more hyperbole being spouted by the tabloids with the following being published today in the Metro: “A new study in Public Health Reports found that one hookah session means users absorb 25 times…Continue Reading

Now is the Best Time to Try Shisha With a New Hookah Pipe

For many people, the New Year is the time to make new resolutions, do different things, try new stuff, so why not kick it off by getting yourself a new hookah pipe, or trying a shisha flavour you’ve never tried before? Now is a great time, too, because like everyone else in the country, we’re…Continue Reading