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Why You Should Put Ice in a Hookah?

Why You Should Put Ice in a Hookah?

Adding Ice in a Hookah

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The very relaxing and slow experience of smoking through a hookah is the whole point of trying this option of puting ice in the hookah. The best part is that adding some twist to it can still intensify the experience. For one, some smokers put ice in a hookah pipe in order to experience a very soothing and calm effect on the throat. Those who want to try something new prefer this option. There are also other things that you can do with your hookah. However, before exploring all those options, you also need to understand why hookahs have captured the attention of a lot of smokers.

What Makes Hookah Interesting?

When talking about a hookah pipe, you may generally think about the pleasure of convenient smoking. However, more to the nicotine fix or the buzz that goes along with it, you will definitely find the relaxing space, as well as the time spent with friends as something that enhances the entire experience. Usually, a smoking session can last between 30 minutes to an hour.

After preparation of your hookah with cold icy water, you can simply choose a flavoured tobacco/herbal shisha flavour for your bowl, lighting it and adding the hookah charcoal to it. The aroma that hookah smoke produces is drawn while bubbling through water. After being filtered in the water, the pleasant smoke is softened and cooled, and it works in infusing the senses that are lingering on the air. This results to a very slow, yet meditative breathing, which may also allow for a productive conversation among friends.

Techniques in Hookah Smoking

There are some techniques that smokers implement in order to enhance the overall experience. As previously mentioned, adding ice to the water in the base or on the tray of your hookah/shisha can significantly provide an icy boost to the throat. Adding milk, wine or fruit juices to the base water can also heighten the lush effect. Others also choose to come up with their own blend: to the point that some have even combined a special flavour together with ice in their hookah blend.

Mystique Hookah Ice Hose Tip: Another Way to Cool Down the Smoke

Product innovation in the field of hookah/shisha smoking has taken this smoking experience to the next level. You can also use a Mystique Hookah/Shisha Ice Hose Tip instead of putting ice in the hookah’s base or on the tray. This unique ice tip works with the AGER Nammor Long Handle Washable Shisha Hose and some kinds of Khalil Mamoon hoses due to their removable mouthpieces.


You might be thinking how Mystique hookah ice hose tip actually works? You simply have to place this ice hose tip in the freezer for almost an hour before smoking your hookah pipe. This tip has in-toxic water bags that freeze into ice cubes when placed in the freezer. Once your hookah pipe is set for the smoking, take out this hose tip and put it on Nammor hose by removing its mouthpiece. Now you can enjoy the cool, icy puffs of smoke for the most exciting smoking experience. This way you can drag shisha/hookah for a longer period of time.

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Mystique Hookah/Shisha Ice Hose Tip

Things to Remember

In order to have a completely rewarding experience, there are some warnings and tips that are offered by experienced smokers. These include the following:

  • Make sure that you only use the right hookah charcoal. Keep in mind that regular charcoal may even result to carbon monoxide poisoning. Therefore, it is very important to select the appropriate one.
  • You only need to place a minimum amount of tobacco/herbal shisha flavour in your hookah. Then, you can enhance the experience further by adding some twist to it, such as putting ice on your hookah.

In order to make sure that you have the best experience while smoking a hookah, make sure that you get the best a hookah pipe. While there are a lot of sources these days, dealing with the ones who are already considered seasoned in this field are often the best way to go. Check out your options at The Shisha Shop, the best shisha shop in United Kingdom.

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Why You Should Put Ice in a Hookah?