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Alcohol or Shisha bar in London – What’s better?

Alcohol or Shisha bar in London – What’s better?

Why going to shisha bar in London is better than drinking alcohol

Smoking shisha is an extremely popular pastime. Whether people are trying it at home or at a shisha bar in London, there is just something about sitting with a shisha pipe that makes for a lovely evening. For many, spending the night smoking shisha is much more enjoyable than drinking alcohol. If you haven’t clocked onto this fact yet, here are just some of the benefits of using shisha rather than alcohol.

No hangover

One huge downside of alcohol is the hangover. If you drink too much you are more than likely going to suffer for it the next day. This includes feeling tired, experiencing headaches and – in some of the most extreme cases – vomiting continually. Of course, shisha causes none of these side effects and instead leaves you feeling as fresh as a daisy.

No drunken antics

If you drink too much alcohol, you’re almost certainly going to get drunk. It’s when you’re in this inebriated state that you’re more likely to act out of character and wake up the next day with a handful of regrets. Fear not: a shisha won’t leave you acting silly and making a fool out of yourself.

No driving limit

After just a few strong drinks you legally can’t drive on the roads. This means that you’ll have to rely on public transport, which isn’t always convenient. Meanwhile, with shisha, you can consume as much as you like without temporarily losing your driving privileges.

Shisha is relaxing

Shisha will make you feel calm and relaxed. This is one reason why it is as popular as ever. On the other hand, alcohol can make you erratic. As well as this, alcohol – especially beverages like gin – can act as a depressant. This means that you are putting your mood and sense of well-being on the line every time you turn to alcohol.

Try a shisha bar in London today

There has never been a better time to try shisha. If you want to enjoy one at home with your friends, then you can now get all the equipment online at an affordable price. This includes pipes, charcoal, and the shisha hoses.

Have a browse of The Shisha Shop‘s website today or give us a ring to see how we can help you find the best equipment for the perfect shisha night.

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Alcohol or Shisha Bar in London – What’s better?