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Another Beginners’ guide to Smoking Shisha

Another Beginners Guide to Smoking Shisha

It can be a daunting experience trying shisha for the first time, especially when you imagine entering the party to see cliques of people sitting back and smoking shisha with years of experience. If you haven’t got much experience under your belt, don’t panic! Here are a few top tips to ensure that your first shisha experience is great fun:

Ask for help!

It may be your worst nightmare to ask someone else to guide you when first trying shisha; however, making the decision to ask rather than making mistakes when you are unsure, may make you feel a little more relaxed. Usually, people will be extremely willing to help, especially if you are a newbie. Don’t be afraid to explain that you have never done it before and see if they will guide you through it. Infact, you could even contact us here at The Shisha Shop and we would be more than happy to help. Shisha is great fun with friends, so get a group together and you’ll feel much more confident trying something new.

Choose a simple flavour

If you are worried about bizarre flavours, don’t choose one that you think you will hate. Opt for something a little more ordinary to be on the safe side such as a Fruit Flavours. We have so many options available from The Shisha Shop if you are curious about the wide ranges of shisha flavours on offer.

strawberry shisha flavours

Inhale correctly

It may seem like an obvious claim, but ensuring that you do not inhale too deeply is key, as it may make you feel light-headed very quickly. Don’t eat too much or drink heavily beforehand as you may start to feel ill as the evening progresses. Take short, sharp intakes of shisha so that you don’t overdo it.

Don’t overthink it

If you get yourself in a state beforehand, worrying about how you will do it and whether you will do it correctly will just ruin the entire experience when the time comes. Shisha should be a relaxing experience enjoyed with friends or a partner, so allow the experience to come naturally and you should be just fine. Keep in mind the tips mentioned above and you shouldn’t have a problem. Enjoy!

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