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Five Best Countries to Smoke Shisha

Five Best Countries to Smoke Shisha

If you could smoke shisha in any country in the world, which would you choose?

We’ve all got a bucket list of five best countries to smoke shisha. Whether it’s deep sea diving, swimming with sharks or getting a selfie with the Queen, there’s a list of “wants” in everyone’s mind. But what does a bucket list look like to the shisha enthusiasts among us? It looks like a world map.

Our world is a huge place, filled with many diverse cultures to experience and enjoy. Shisha is culturally iconic in many of these places, so if you enjoy a good fruity smoke there are a select few places to add to your bucket list – pins in the “yet to visit” map – for an iconic shisha experience.

Here’re five places you should smoke shisha before you snuff it (pun intended):


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People smoking shisha at Lucien La Chance, France

Where better but the city of love to enjoy your love of shisha? Paris is home to one of the seven wonders of the world, some of the best cheese you’ll ever sample and a population of people that love to chill. I know – sounds like a shisha smoker’s dream right? The relaxed atmosphere of Paris and the beautiful surroundings will set the scene for one of your most picturesque smokes! If you get the chance between bowls, why not stop by some of the iconic sites and declare your love for the Mona Lisa at Le Louvre?


UAE is one of the wealthiest countries in the world. Home to the world’s tallest building – the majestic Burj Khalifa – and some scorching climate, UAE will make any authentic shisha smoker feel at home. Situated at the heart of the Middle East, UAE was one of the earliest countries to adopt shisha smoking into their culture, so if you’re looking for a truly authentic cultural experience it’s safe to say having a smoke in UAE is a must. And with the thermostat reaching fever pitch at the height of summer, all you’ll be wanting to do is chill out with a bowl of shisha and watch the world go by – camels and all.

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Prince Harry smoking shisha in Abu Dhabi, UAE


As the cultural home of shisha – and a pretty beautiful place in general – Morocco is a great place to immerse yourself in the culture of traditional shisha smoking. You’ll not have to search for long to find yourself a shisha cafe if that’s where you’re looking to smoke, as they’re everywhere you turn. If you’re looking for a more authentic “homemade” experience you can simply set up yourself in your place (rules permitting) and experience shisha in its cultural home. Check out this blog post for shisha cafe recommendations in Marrakesh, Morocco.

New York

You don’t need to travel to the Middle East to experience authentic shisha, you can get your fix in the Big Apple! New York is a melting pot of cultures, with people from all walks of life sharing their customs and culture with visitors year-round. There are several shisha cafes of note in New York, but many reviews recommend La Sultana cafe on 4th Street, which has been described as one of New York’s “best-kept secrets”. With its dimly lit, relaxed vibe you’ll feel right at home smoking something fruity.

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La Sultana cafe, NYC


All counts of shisha origins point to Turkey, and as such all shisha pilgrimages lead there too. Shisha cafes are central to everyday life in Turkey, so you’ll be sure to find the venue that suits you without much trouble. The locals are likely to be in the know about all things shisha too, so you could learn a thing or two about your favourite pass time – who knows, you may come away with a new favourite way to smoke your shisha!

Five Best Countries to Smoke Shisha, shisha pipe, hookah, hookah pipe, smoking shisha, shisha smoking tricks, best shisha place in London
People Enjoying Nargile (shisha pipe) in Turkey


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Five Best Countries to Smoke Shisha