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Three Signs You Need to Buy a New Shisha Pipe

Three Signs You Need to Buy a New Shisha Pipe

Your shisha pipe won’t last forever…

There are a few tell-tale signs to look out for when you’ve been getting along nicely with your shisha pipe for a while. These tell-tale signs, unfortunately, are trying to tell you that it’s time to bid farewell to your trusty pipe and buy a new shisha pipe. Fortunately, this won’t happen very often; thanks to the design of your shisha pipe and (hopefully) the way you take care of it, your pipe should last you a fair while. However, when the time does come for you to bag a new pipe, it’s best to know the signs to look out for.

If you’re still holding onto your grandfather’s old shisha pipe you found in his back room nearly a decade ago, chances are that it’s not giving you the best performance. This can ruin your shisha experience; an older pipe certainly won’t work quite like a brand new one.

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If you get the feeling your shisha pipe is trying to tell you it’s on the way out, the trick is to listen to it. Look out for these three signs when you need to buy a new shisha pipe:

You need to buy a new shisha pipe

Buy a new shisha pipe when you’re smoking a rust bucket:buy a new shisha pipe, How to Clean Your Hookah Pipe, shisha, hookah, the shisha shop, hookah pipe, shisha pipe

If your pipe looks like something from the Antiques Roadshow, it’s definitely not going to be working at its optimum level. Over time, unfortunately, the oxidisation of the metal on your pipe will turn into rust, especially if you’re perhaps less careful with its upkeep. Taking time to make sure it’s cleaned and dried responsibly will delay this process and ensure you get optimum performance from your shisha pipe for as long as possible, but a bit of rust is probably inevitable in the end. Time to get to the Shisha Shop!


Buy a new shisha pipe when you’re missing some vital bits:

Over time, you can do some real damage to your shisha pipe, especially if you’re ferrying it around with you to friends houses and social gatherings. A few knocks here and there won’t cause any major problems, but if your pipe is sporting a cracked shaft or you’re having to use a makeshift replacement base then it’s time to splash out on something new if you hope to enjoy the best shisha experience possible! You can buy replacement parts for your shisha pipe, but it’s best practice to go the full distance and snap up a whole new set-up.

Buy a new shisha pipe when you can taste every flavour you’ve ever smoked:

This may not be a sign that your shisha pipe has completely given up the ghost, but it may be a sign that it’s on the way out. Usually, if you take care to clean each bit of your shisha pipe after each use you can avoid tasting even the strongest flavours later on, but over time you will notice a build up of old flavours that you’ve missed when cleaning, and this can lead to a less satisfying experience. Perhaps, in this case, you can simply replace the bowl of your shisha pipe, but if you’re noticing a build up you could be in danger of approaching the “rust-bucket” stage, and should keep an eye out for signs your pipe is in its twilight years.

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Three Signs You Need to Buy a New Shisha Pipe