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Double Smoke Rings

Double Smoke Rings

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Shisha Smoke Trick # 9: Double Smoke Rings

Almost everyone can blow smoke rings at our Shisha Shop London. But there are only a few, who can do double smoke rings. As the name of the trick pertains, it is the art of blowing two smoke rings at the same time. By the way, it is the perfect way to impress your friends.

Regular hookah or shisha smoker should learn how to blow double smoke rings.  Learn the trick and practice it regularly and become a master generator of double smoke rings.

Double Smoke Rings – Steps to Perform it Perfectly

1. Place your Tongue at the Bottom of the Mouth

By now you know how to make a single smoke ring (Read on: learn how to blow smoke rings). Place the tongue at the bottom of the mouth and forget that it is there. You should not move the tongue when blowing circles. The tongue might get in the way of creating perfect circles.

2. Take a Deep Drag from the Hookah

The next step on how to blow a double ring smoke trick is to take a deep draw on the hookah pipe. This will allow you to inhale enough smoke in the lungs. Holding the sufficient amount of smoke for few seconds in the lungs is important to blow perfect double smoke rings.

3. Coil your lips to Make an O Shape

Once you inhaled enough smoke in your lungs, the next step is to make an O shape with your mouth. It is recommended to curl your lips to form the O shape. To perfect the O shape, practice it without the smoke first.

4. Place Finger in Front of Lips

To create double smoke rings, place your index finger on the lips as if you are telling someone to keep quiet. The finger must be put in the middle so that you can create similar-sized smoke rings. If the finger is not placed in the middle, there will be more smoke coming out of one side of the mouth.

5. Blow a Quick Puff

The last step on how to blow double smoke rings is to puff, swiftly. You should not let too much smoke blow out of your mouth or otherwise you will cloud out the rings. The finger will cause the smoke to form two identical rings. You should practice the puffing until you have mastered the trick.

These are the steps on how to blow smoke rings. To find the best hookahs in London, visit The Shisha Shop now. You can also visit our blog for the other tutorials on how to do smoke tricks.

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Double Smoke Rings 

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