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The World’s Most Expensive Shisha Pipes

The World’s Most Expensive Shisha Pipes

Three Outrageously Expensive Shisha Pipes

Hookah, a pipe use to smoke the flavoured tobacco or herbal flavour with the aid of blazing charcoals placed on the top, has been around for the centuries. People these days are tech-savvy, socially connected, adventurous and love to own stylish and unique things like expensive shisha pipes. Hundreds of shisha bars have been opened in the United Kingdom during the last decade and young people flock there, mostly on the weekends, to smoke hookahs. Recently, we have seen a surge in the owners of the shishas and more people are organizing shisha parties at their places.

Meanwhile, manufacturers have been trying to add useful features to the traditional design of hookah. There’s a wide array of hookah pipes available in the market from the cheap, affordable metal shishas like Khalil Mamoon (around for more than 130 years), Aladin, Kaya shishas to the luxurious gold and crystal shisha pipes. The renowned companies like Porsche and Desvall have also seized this opportunity and have designed the most expensive and beautiful shishas for the shisha lovers with deep pockets.

Today, we will be discussing some of the most expensive shisha pipes available in the marketplace.

3. Porsche’s Shisha 2.0

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Porsche Shisha 2.0

Price of the Porsche Shisha 2.0: $1,700 (US Dollars)

The Shisha 2.0 is the prestigious hookah designed and manufactured by the Porsche in Germany. Porsche’s Shisha 2.0 has a clay bowl and stem made of a single piece high-end aluminum, which is being rested on the mouth-blown glass jar at the bottom. Moreover, synthetic leather has been used in the making of its hose connected to the ceramic mouth tip. This amazing hookah is 73.5 cm high and offers outstanding smoking experience.

2. Desvall Shisha Pipes

Price Range of the Desvall Shisha Pipes: $40,000 to 100,000 above

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The Desvall shisha pipes represent sophisticated artisanship, functionality, and amazing design. All the Desvall shisha pipes have hand sewn leather hose, available in different colours, with pure titanium and medical grade silicone tips.

Desvalls shisha hose, most expensive shisha pipes, Porsche shisha pipe, hookah pipe expensive
Desvall’s Orange Shisha Hose


Desvall offers two main lines of the shisha pipes including Carat and Nouveau. Watch this video, understand the level of hard work and sophistication poured into the making of a shisha pipe by Desvall.



CARAT is made of the titanium and hands sewn leather and has the length of 100 cm. However, it’s quite heavy, weighs approximately 10 kilograms due to its metallic body. The Swarovski crystal band on the neck of the CARAT shisha pipe has been embedded to enhance its aesthetics. It is handcrafted in Stockholm with the flawless finish. Moreover, you can also buy its gold-plated designs.

Carat Shisha Pipe, most expensive shisha pipes, Porsche shisha pipe, hookah pipe expensive
Carat Shisha Pipes


Nouveau is the premium handcrafted shisha designed and made in Stockholm. It has a light body of 5 kgs which is much lighter than the Carat shisha pipes. Nouveau is 80 cms in length and composed of a titanium, carbon fiber, and hand sewn leather body. 1000 MBAR is the certified air bar pressure of this shisha pipe.

Nouveau Shisha Pipe, most expensive shisha pipes, Porsche shisha pipe, hookah pipe expensive
Nouveau Shisha Pipe

In addition to the above shisha pipes, Devall also customises shisha pipes according to the specific needs of their customers. Check the image below in which Drake has been enjoying his custom made Desvall Carbon Fibre and pure Titanium OVO shisha for the first time backstage at his concert in Stockholm.

Desvall Carbon Fibre and pure Titanium OVO shisha, most expensive shisha pipes, Porsche shisha pipe, hookah pipe expensive

1. The Million Dollar (US) Shisha by Aurentum

The four-hosed shisha pipe weighs 12 kg, by the Aurentum Switzerland is more like a piece of jewelry with several of precious metals used in it.

Aurentum million dollar shisha pipe, most expensive shisha pipes, hookah pipe,

Let’s dissect this million-dollar 24- carat gold shisha pipe designed by the skilled Swiss craftsmen.

Murano Glass Pot: It is covered with the 18 carat gold and silver wind protection cover. Furthermore, this pot has been beautified with the 20-carat gold artwork by the swiss designer.

Four big and small scarabs: These scarabs adorned the shisha jar and are made of platinum and embellished with 4 rubies and eight diamonds.

Shisha Hoses: The Pipes of the shisha are covered with the high-end Venetian velvet.

Mouth Tips: They are made of Rhodium and Silver.

In addition to this million dollar shisha pipe, Aurentum also produces the bit simpler shishas starting from $73,556.

And there you have it, the top 3 most expensive shisha pipes in the world,  off course if you are interested in The Shisha Shop acquiring one of these shisha pipes for you, please do get in touch.

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The World’s Most Expensive Shisha Pipes