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Six Ways to Avoid Hookah Smoke Smell

Hookah Smoke Can be Problematic for your Homes & Clothes

The smell of the Hookah smoke has been a big problem for the smokers. This smoke smell stinks up the room and also gets soaked into your clothes. Some people find this difficult and they end up not determining a lasting solution.

What is a Hookah? How its Smoke Creates Problem?

Shisha pipes, hookah, shisha flavours, shishaWell, the hookah is a stemmed equipment used for vaporizing and smoking tobacco/herbal flavour and it is popularly known as “Shisha” in the UK. Hookah’s functionality is simple, it includes the passage of smoke by a water basin and hookah or shisha charcoal, and finally it passed through a hose of the hookah pipe. Smoking hookah is a fun and exciting way of smoking.

There are different components of hookah like the hookah charcoal which is the source of energy that produces heat that will be transmitted to the shisha herbal flavour inside the bowl and also the Hookah pipe which is used to draw smoke from a distance. This phenomenon produces smoke, which is inhaled by the smoker. Smokers train themselves to blow smoke in several ways. Irish waterfall, smoke rings, smoke hearts are some of the common smoke tricks.  Hookah Pipe in the UK has been gaining phenomenal popularity due to less harmful nature and herbal shisha flavours.

Hookah smoke is stubborn and it’s not an easy job to get rid of it. However, you should follow these six tips to stay odourless after a shisha session, easily.

1. Don’t Smoke Hookah in Closed Spaces:

Don’t smoke in the closed area or room because the smoke won’t be able to ventilate and it will keep circulating in the area. Always smoke in more ventilated spaces with windows. Don’t let the smoke get stocked in your room!

2. You should Spare a Room for Smoking:

It will be a great idea if you can spare a room for the hookah smoking. In this room, you won’t have any property or clothes that may get stocked up with smoke. This room will smell bad, but it won’t affect the rest of the house and your valuables.

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Enjoying shisha in the spare room [SiK-photo] via Compfight cc

3. Using Air Purifiers is also a Good Idea:

Buying a good air purifier is a good idea to get rid of hookah smoke. There are lots of air purifiers available in the market which can absorb the smoke before creating an odour. Just make sure you buy a good and effective air purifier. The Shisha Shop also sells the best air purifiers, you can order one right away.

4. Smoking and Facing the Direction of the Wind:

Another way of getting rid of the hookah smoke is to channel the smoke in the direction of the blowing wind. This will make the flow of the smoke more streamlined and fly away from you.

5. Wearing an Overcoat:

While smoking hookah, you may wear an overcoat, this overcoat will cover your clothes and will keep the smoke away from your clothes. After smoking, you are advised to remove the overcoat and stand in the open air for few minutes.

6. Take a Walk After a Smoking Session:

This is another way of getting rid of the hookah smoke.

After smoking, you are advised to always take a walk in the well-ventilated space and a silent place with fewer people. With this, the air will freshen you up and make your clothes odourless.

Conclusively, these are the different ways of avoiding hookah smoke to get soaked in your home. There are others ways like eating a chewing gum or something sweet with a good odour, this will help you to fight against bad breath. Some people still find it hard on how to smoke shisha, but it’s really easy and fun.

Hookah smoking is not a new technique, people have been using the hookah for the centuries. Read more about the history of Hookah Pipe! You don’t have to stress yourself and it’s more amusing and thrilling. You can visit The Shisha Shop’s website for the more information about Hookah.

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Six Ways to Avoid Hookah Smoke Smell