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Shisha Pipe that does NOT require Water, Flavours or even Coal!

Shisha Pipe that does NOT require Water, Flavours or even Coal!

The Revolutionary Atmospheric Flavour-Extracting (AFE) Shisha Pipe / Hookah Pipe


Each year, globally people spend millions of pounds on purchasing shisha flavours and tobacco. Smokers find it messy and difficult to unwrap the molasses or shisha tobacco while setting-up their shisha pipes.  In addition to that, dwellers of the United Kingdom have to pay hefty amounts of tax on each kilogram of shisha tobacco that they purchase. It was quite obvious that a more economical and more revolutionary way to smoke shisha was needed to create a cheaper and more health friendly shisha alternative…

Introducing the World’s First Atmospheric Flavour-Extracting (AFE) Shisha Pipe

To tackle this challenge, a team of Shisha loving Scientists in the South-West of Turkey, banded together and have been working on this problem now for the best part of the last seven years. And they have succeeded! They have developed an all new atmospheric flavour-extracting device! An absolute breakthrough in the modern technology! A what you say? An atmospheric flavour-extracting device or AFE for short – in simple terms, is a device that can create a flavour using nothing but just the atmosphere!

Scientists have used this device as the basis to create a unique and revolutionary new shisha pipe, which offers the shisha smokers the ability to select their favorite flavour from the especially designed APE’s panel. This flavour is then generated out of thin area ready for consumption! Currently, you can select among five basic flavours:

How does AFE Shisha work? The Science and Innovation

Turn on the shisha by simply plugging-in or using the charged battery, and select the flavour mentioned on the panel. It will start pumping the air into its condensation chamber from the atmosphere. Once air gets condensed, it identifies the specific carbonyl group (=C=O) of the ketone that ultimately gives the natural fruity flavour to the smoker. Currently, it can only detect five flavours as mentioned above.Zero coal shisha pipe, No tobacco shisha pipe, Zero coal shisha, AFE shisha pipe, hookah pipe

Do you need Coals for this Shisha?

No! You don’t even need coal for this shisha pipe because AFE has a chamber that turns the flavoured condensed air into the hot puff-able air. Amazingly, you don’t need a water jar either because everything has been controlled within the AFE’s hot air chamber.

Components of the AFE Shisha Pipe

It is composed of a simple AFE panel placed on the base with a hose attached on its right side. However, it can also be transformed into the three hose shisha pipe for the group shisha session. You can use its battery charging option to use AFE shisha pipe in the outdoors and its battery lasts for five hours.

Some people are calling it a big scientific breakthrough because it doesn’t use charcoal and tobacco or herbal flavours. In this case, smokers will be inhaling pure flavoured air, free of carcinogenic chemicals. This revolutionary shisha pipe reduces the risk of respiratory diseases like cancer by 98%.

The AFE shisha pipe will be available for purchase exclusively at TheShishaShop.com during the summer 2015!

We are currently looking at Shisha Pipe colours, so please do leave a comment with your favourite colour and design ideas.

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Shisha Pipe that does NOT require Water, Flavours or even Coal!