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How to Blow Smoke Hearts Using Hookah Smoke

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Smoke Trick # 5: How to Blow Smoke Hearts 

Smoking shisha has become a favourite pastime activity/hobby for a lot of people. The added fun of blowing various shapes and forms using the smoke only further reinstates how interesting it can be. The fact that shisha tends to have a characteristic heavy smoke makes it ideal for blowing these shapes. The heavy smoke takes more time before it dissipates and can, therefore, hold a given form for a reasonable period. Below we will look at how to blow smoke hearts using hookah smoke.

Before you learn how to blow smoke hearts, one of the prerequisites is the ability to blow smoke rings. Smoke rings are some of the basic smoke tricks hookah smokers perform.

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Things Needed to Learn How to Blow Smoke Hearts

  • Hookah/Shisha

How to Blow a Smoke Heart

  1. Begin by pulling a heavy cloud of smoke into your mouth; lowering your jaw will help increase the volume of your mouth.
  2. Once this is done open your mouth into an “O” shape and then simulate a small cough from your throat.
  3. This will push a ring of smoke from your mouth. The cough should be small enough to be inaudible, letting only a small amount of air pass. Note that there are other ways of blowing smoke rings with this one being the easiest.
  4. To blow a heart shape, begin by blowing a smoke ring and then snap your fingers right above the ring.
  5. The air disturbance will force the top of the ring to collapse and hence form a heart.
  6. Alternatively you can blow a large slow moving ring and then blow a successive small, fast moving ring above it. The small ring will cause an air disturbance that causes the top of the larger ring to collapse.


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Tips to do Smoke Tricks

First and foremost thing to do smoke tricks it is important to create a supportive environment. The air in the room should be as still as possible, this means that you should switch off all fans and close all windows. This ensures that the shapes come out as desired without wind interference.

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How to Blow Smoke Hearts Using Hookah Smoke