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Smoke Tornado: Learn How to Blow it

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Smoke Trick # 4: The Smoke Tornado

The Shisha Shop in UK offers plenty of Hookah pipes and flavours to buy and enjoy. This means that you can easily grab a cheap and durable  Shisha in UK and perform the smoke tornado trick. It’s a kind of trick that surely amazes anyone that watches you. But you must do it properly to make it a very appealing smoke trick.

What you’ll need to perform this trick?

  • A hookah pipe
  • A Flat surface
  • A paper Towel Roll
paper towel roll, shisha tornado trick, hookah tornado trick
Photo Credit: Plotterpapier via Compfight cc

Steps of The Smoke Tornado

    1. The first thing that you’re going to do is to find a room when there’s no wind currents to disturb you. Close your windows and vents.
    2. Find a flat surface that you can use to blow the smoke.
    3. Prepare a paper towel roll. But this is optional.
    4. Turn on your Hookah pipe.
    5. Inhale as much smoke as you can. The more smoke your lungs can take, the better smoke tornado you will get.
    6. Blow the smoke slowly through the paper towel roll that’s sitting on a table.
    7. Swish the smoke down towards the table creating a wave of air.
    8. Lift your hand vertically to drive the air upward. This action creates rise and spin that looks like a real tornado.

Tips for Blowing a Perfect Smoke Tornado

In order to master this trick, you need to know the basic old-fashioned smoke ring. Even if you can’t master it, you can still move to this advanced smoke trick that can give you a satisfying smoking experience.

It takes a lot of practice before you can get this trick performed perfectly. It is very important to learn the right motion to create an improved tornado of the smoke that comes out of your mouth.

Make sure that the flat surface is cool. This is to make the smoke stick to the table. To lower the temperature of the table, you may apply an ice pack. Cool it down for a few minutes before performing this smoke tornado trick using your Shisha pipe.

If you want to learn and master more smoking tricks, head over to our previous shisha smoke tricks.

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Smoke Tornado: Learn How to Blow it