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Ten Reasons Why You Should Buy a Hookah Pipe

Ten Reasons Why You Should Buy a Hookah Pipe

Hookah Pipes are Becoming Popular

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Hookah pipes are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to smoking. In fact, there are a number of very valid reasons behind such a shift. So, let us take a look at ten very real reasons why you should buy one of these unique pipes today.


1. Smoking with Style

One of the most noticeable aspects of any hookah pipe is that it is available in a wide variety of colours, shapes and designs. In a very real way, this helps to add a bit of personality to the smoking experience.

2. A Kaleidoscope of Flavours

Many will prefer the hookah due to the fact that a wide variety of flavours can be enjoyed. Gone are the days of simple tobacco alone. On the contrary, smokers can enjoy shisha flavours such as chocolate, peppermint, aniseed, cherry and countless others. So, these pipes will indeed suit every taste.

3. Cooler Smoke

Due to the construction of the pipe, the smoke which enters the lungs is much cooler than traditional cigarette smoke. Thus, one will not experience the unpleasant burning sensation that often accompanies normal smoking methods.

4. All About the Ingredients

We should never forget that the herbal shisha flavours contained within the hookah is much more natural and free from many of the carcinogenic compounds that would otherwise be present in tobacco. Chemicals such as lead, formaldehyde and even arsenic will not pose risks to the smoker. From a medicinal point of view, this is perhaps the most impressive difference.

5. The Social Aspect

While the traditional smoker conjures up images of an individual sitting alone on a bench puffing away, nothing could be further from the truth with hookah smokers. This practice has always been a social experience. Friends and family members can gather with one another and simply relax after a long day.

6. Customised Blends

Hookah pipes enable the user to create his or her own unique blends of flavours. For example, one may wish to add certain herbs that can be used as expectorants. Even home-grown plants can be included (with the proper education, of course). So, a proprietary mixture can be easily enjoyed. This is all but impossible with normal cigarettes.

7. Better Filtration

Cigarettes will employ composite filters that are made out of such materials as foam and other compounds. The hookah will use water as its main filtration system. Besides the aforementioned benefit of cooler smoke entering the lungs, we should not forget that water is an excellent filter. Therefore, even less potentially harmful chemicals will be inhaled. This is another primary reason why so many smokers have now switched to the hookah.

8. Less Money

When used correctly, the herbal shisha flavour or tobacco within the pipe is heated as opposed to merely burned. Not only will this help prevent other chemicals from being inhaled, but the tobacco itself will last longer. Also, it is no secret that hookah tobacco is generally cheaper than cigarettes. For those who may find themselves on a limited budget, this is another benefit that cannot be overlooked. In fact, one may be able to save hundreds of pounds a year (or more) when switching to a hookah pipe.

9. Quality Craftsmanship

There is no concept as “one size fits all” in reference to the hookah. While the phrase “the best shisha pipe in Europe” may be a bit subjective, it is also good to remember that many pipes are handmade by trained artists. Some smokers can even choose to have a personalised pipe constructed. So, there is much more “personality” to the entire smoking experience. Check out the ten most expensive shisha pipe here.

10. Less Overall Nicotine

Another excellent motivation to switch to the hookah is that (in general) the smoker will inhale slightly less nicotine and the urge to smoke can be reduced over time. As a hookah cannot simply be used whenever one pleases, the temptation can also be greatly reduced. Thankfully, there are numerous stores such as The Shisha Shop which supply truly top-of-the-line hookahs and smoking accessories. If you are considering making the switch to these unique and bespoke pipes, please do not hesitate to contact The Shisha Shop for more details. You will indeed be surprised at the eclectic world of the hookah!

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