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When Hookah Gets a Royal Touch…

Prince Harry Enjoys a Shisha Pipe in UAE

Prince Harry really knows how to have a good time with his friends after strenuous hours of work.

Prince Harry, UAE, Shisha, Hookah
Prince Harry smoking from a shisha pipe onboard a yacht

Last week, Prince Harry attended Formula 1 final in Abu Dhabi. After spending his day watching his buddy Lewis Hamilton winning the race, he was spotted in the Emirati capital smoking a shisha pipe while he was on board in an opulent yacht.

Prince Harry, Abu Dhabi Grand Prix
Prince Harry in F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

In United Kingdom, shisha pipe has been getting more and more popular, despite the warnings given by NHS.

This isn’t the first time when the fourth in line has been spotted smoking. On several other occasions, the prince didn’t mind people taking photos of him smoking tobacco.

On this occasion, he didn’t care about paparazzi. He puffed his exotic hookah pipe for almost 15 minutes.

Shisha is Legal: Did Prince Harry Know This?

Well, he could do that, as there’s nothing wrong with it. After all, smoking a shisha pipe is legal. This form of smoking is a traditional habit practiced by people in the Middle East and some parts of Asia. In recent years, it has also gained popularity in United Kingdom and rest of European countries.

Unlike traditional smoking of tobacco cigarettes, shisha smoking is an affable activity. This is probably one of the reasons Prince Harry smoked it confidently.

While smoking a hookah pipe, smokers will sit/stand together and pass the pipe amongst the group. Each person in the group will get to enjoy the different type of happiness that shisha smoking offers.

Shisha is ONLY for Adults

In United Kingdom, shisha smoking has been booming for the last few years. As long as you are 18 years old or above, you can smoke shisha, legally. Most parties in UK involve shisha pipes where adults are present.

Smoking from shisha pipes must be done outside or in a shelter where there’s 50% ventilation. Prince Harry smoked it on a yacht in UAE.

Prince Harry’s Post-Oman Party

For Prince Harry, smoking shisha pipes was his way of unwinding after his rigorous 3-day visit to Oman. He played a polo match in Oman to raise £800,000 for his charity. After his visit to Oman, he let his hair down by partying with his friends and smoking hookah.

Charity match in Oman, Prince Harry
Image Courtesy: Getty Images

Why to go for Shisha/Hookah instead of Cigarettes?

This form of smoking can have many advantages over tobacco smoking. When it comes to your oral health, you won’t have to be worried about getting your teeth stained. Unlike cigarette smoking, shisha pipe’s smoke won’t harm your pearl white smile.

Then, there’s the fresher smell that you get after blowing hookah. Tobacco smoking can leave sticky after every session. It makes you smell like an ashtray but that’s not the case with hookah smoking. In fact, you’ll get a pleasant scent. Thanks to shisha’s fruity flavours. Rather than smelling like an ashtray, you smell like an apple, grape, cotton candy and…

Hence proved: Prince Harry can’t be blamed for having a good time with a shisha pipe in Emirates.

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When Hookah Gets a Royal Touch…