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How to Blow Dragon Smoke or Dragon Force

How to Blow Dragon Smoke or Dragon Force

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Shisha smoke trick # 8: Dragon Smoke or Dragon Force

If you feel that smoking hookah is one of the best ways to entertain and relax with your friends, then you are right. However, in order to enhance the overall smoking experience, there are some ideas on how to do smoke tricks. This will help in keeping you, and your friends entertained as you smoke your hookah. First, let’s learn some general tips on how to prepare your hookah session.

Hookah/Shisha Preparation Tips

  • Make sure that you prepare your hookah by cleaning it after every use. This will allow you to use a clean hookah the next time you need to. This will also remove any traces of tobacco, flavoured molasses, water, as well as charcoal contents. To maintain your shisha in London’s moist weather at its best condition, disassembling it at least once a month can do the trick. Then you can store it properly in a dry and cool place.
  • While preparing for a hookah session, make sure that you are using the right amount of water. It is generally burned, and the resulting vapour is what you need for smoking. If you want to make the experience even better, you can apply some tricks, such as adding ice to the heating water. An alternative is using cold water, which will allow you to get a cooler and smoother smoke.

Things needed for the Dragon Smoke Trick

  • Shisha/hookah

How to Blow Dragon Smoke

Now that you have already prepared your hookah/shisha for the session, you can also learn some smoking tricks to spice up the session even further. This smoking trick is sometimes called dragon smoke, dragon force or dragon tail.

It is actually referred to as the simplest trick but looks pretty awesome.

  1. Take a big puff from your Hookah/shisha.
  2. Then take a deep breath and let the smoke go out of your mouth in a way that it looks like a tail.
  3. However, make sure that you only store the smoke in your mouth, not inhaling it into your lungs.
  4. Then close your lips together with a gap on the both sides, you can also do it by putting a finger in the middle of your lips. This is where the concept about the dragon enters the picture.
  5. When exhaling, the smoke needs to come out from both sides of your mouth and nose. You may even move your head a bit to have that tail effect.

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How to Blow Dragon Smoke or Dragon Force