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Four Reasons to Clean Hookah Pipes, Regularly

Why Should You Clean Your Hookah Pipe Regularly?

Smoking Hookah has been a fun trend in group parties or even just for individual use. So it is not a big question then, when people are looking into buying a hookah pipe. Though sometimes, people enjoy smoking too much and neglect to clean their hookahs regularly.

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It can be really unhealthy to use an uncleaned hookah pipe over and over again. Really! Here are some of the reasons why regular hookah pipe cleaning is a must:

1. Avoid unpleasant stale smoke taste:

After many hookah sessions, the various flavours can affect the taste of the smoke you inhale, especially if you use a strong flavour. The lingering smoke will leave a residue from your previous hookah sessions that can spoil the quality flavour of your shisha flavour. Not only will it have an unpleasant taste, sometimes you may inhale the residue along with the smoke.

If you own a washable Hookah Hose then to avoid stain and clog build up as that may change the taste of your tobacco, make sure that you wash it regularly by rinsing it with hot water regularly. Another good strategy would be to invest in disposable hoses (that can be washed) and or buy multiple hoses and dedicate and use them exclusively for your favourite flavours only. But remember, some hookah hose are non-washable. So you better know if yours are washable or not.  as that may change the taste of your tobacco.

2. Avoid clogging:

Regular use of a hookah pipe may cause flavour residue build up. The piling up of the residues can block parts of the stem and base of your pipe. Smoke cannot pass through flavour excess clogs making your inhales a little more difficult.

You can wash your hookah pipe stem and base by running hot water through it and using a hookah jar and stem cleaning brush set to scrub them and let them dry before you use it again. This should be done on a regular basis.

You may also mix water and baking soda in the base to make sure that it will be cleaned well. Then pour the mix into your stem. After washing them with the mixture, rinse out with clean water.

3. Avoid rusting:

Even if you do not use your hookahs all the time, regular cleaning is still highly recommended. When your hookah pipe sits there for a long time, rust may developed. And the next time you use it, it may already be dysfunctional. So make it your habit to cleaning hookah so you will have no problem when you already want to use it. After washing, try and dry it as much as possible.

4. Avoid stains:

Some hookah tobacco/herbal flavours contains food colouring. Most low-quality tobacco contains high colour that may accumulate into stains. So when you do not clean them well after several hookah sessions, stains became permanent, and it will be hard to wash them out.

A regular cleaning using lemon and vinegar or baking soda will help to maintain stain-free hookah pipes. 

Of course, there are different types of hookahs for sale in London, which you can buy anytime. But if you want your hookah pipes to stay longer, clean them regularly. Have a good hookah pipes cleaning habit for more pleasurable hookah sessions. You can visit our Shisha Shop now to buy cleaning accessories now!

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Four Reasons to Clean Hookah Pipes, Regularly