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How to do a French Inhale/Irish Waterfall Shisha Smoke Trick?

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Shisha Smoke Trick # 2: French Inhale/ Irish Waterfall

Also known as Irish Waterfall, French Inhale is a shisha smoke trick that can prove to your audience that you’re a real shisha-smoker. You can perform this trick using a Hookah charcoal that can be found easily on our online Shisha Shop in UK.

In this trick, you’ll be creating a big cloud of smoke that leaves your mouth while rising up to your nose. As long as you’re comfortable with smoking using hookah pipes you can easily pull this trick.

Things you should have:

StepsShisha smoke trick, hookah smoke trick, French Inhale, Irish Waterfall

  1. Inhale the pipe but make sure that the smoke stays in your mouth but out of your lungs. You can do this by allowing the smoke to move around your cheek. You can also drag your tongue to the back of your mouth. You must inhale as much smoke as you can without being overwhelmed.
  2. Open your mouth slowly allowing the smoke to move at a steady pace out of your mouth.
  3. Wait for the smoke to flow out of your mouth
  4. Push your bottom lip to move the smoke up to your eyebrows or forehead.
  5. Continue pushing the smoke out of your mouth using your tongue. This allows the smoke to exit your mouth slowly in a thick cloud.
  6. Inhale the smoke using your nose. When the smoke is going up to your nose, carefully inhale it. However, you must do it slowly. The goal here is to recycle the smoke so it’ll move out of your mouth, inhale through your nostrils and bring it back to your throat.

It’s ideal to perform this shisha smoke trick when you’re staying indoor. You must be away from the wind or vents. Otherwise, you can’t create a thick cloud. Although, French Inhale trick works best with cigarettes, you can also do it by smoking water pipes that you can obtain easily in London or across the Europe from our online Shisha Shop.


Don’t attempt to do it when you have cold or fever. It’ll just make your condition worse.

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How to do a French Inhale/Irish Waterfall Shisha Smoke Trick?