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The Shisha Troubleshooting Guide

The Shisha Troubleshooting Guide

Check the quality of the smoke with the shisha troubleshooting scale

The quality of the shisha smoking depends on how perfectly your shisha bowl is packed. The shisha shop has designed a shisha troubleshooting scale for the new beginner to identify what went wrong. This shisha troubleshooting scale will also help the beginners to eradicate the problem and improve their smoking experience.

We have assigned the numbers as follow:

  • Zero to the ‘Grossly Underpacked‘ shisha bowl
  • Five to the ‘Perfectly Packed‘ shisha bowl
  • Ten to the ‘Dreadfully Overpacked‘ shisha bowl

Zero on the shisha Troubleshooting scale

If you are getting very thin and very harsh smoke clouds, then it means your shisha bowl is dreadfully under packed. You have added very little amount of shisha flavour in your bowl, need to add some more flavour to improve the quality of smoke and get better flavour.


The severely under pack shisha can be identified with very harsh, feathery and light smoke with almost no flavour.


If you taste the slight flavour but the smoke hit is weak and harsh it means your shisha is badly under packed.


When you start experiencing dizziness within a short period of shisha smoking, it means your shisha bowl in under packed. You might be getting better flavour and smoke but you could still feel the harshness of the smoke.


The slightly harsh but good smoke and taste show that your bowl is slightly under packed, you could still get the headache due to nicotine overdose (only if you’re using a shisha tobacco).


When your shisha is perfectly packed, you will get a good quality smoke hit and perfectly a well-balanced shisha flavour.


Sometimes you slightly over packed your shisha and charcoals start sticking to the foil and juice start streaming down the bowl, which turns off the shisha flavour. However, the quality of the smoke remains good.


You experience the following changes when your shisha is overpacked:

  • Plasticky/sour flavour
  • Weak shisha smoke
  • More juice streaming down the bowl
  • The charcoals stick to the foil and start breaking
  • Juice bubbles around the edges of the shisha bowl


Your shisha is badly overpacked, when you witness the juice bubbling slightly outside the bowl’s edges, charcoals fusing very quickly to the shisha foil, more juice streaming down the bowl. You get weak smoke and off flavour hits during this situation.


The Shisha is ‘severe overpacked‘ when you get very thin smoke and the flavour is non-existent in it. Even the juice stream down the bowl in numerous stream and it also bubbles across the foil.


You can easily tell when your shisha is ‘grossly overpacked’ by seeing the juice oozing out of the foil. Moreover, you will get very thin clouds of smoke.

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The Shisha Troubleshooting Guide