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Why one should use a shisha wind cover?

Why one should use a shisha wind cover?

What is a shisha wind cover?

The shisha wind cover is a metal shield that is placed on the top of a Shisha bowl covering and protecting the charcoal from any external winds or drafts to stop charcoal from over cooking. Shisha wind covers also play a vital role in charcoal  heat management by retaining all heat around the shisha bowl. This way your shisha charcoal will keep burning for the longer period of time and you can enjoy longer smoking sessions. The Wind covers also protect smokers from the charcoal ash and falling charcoals.  

Uses of shisha wind covers

Shisha wind covers are very useful while smoking in windy areas like an open terrace, the beach or any other windy outdoor space. Wind covers are equally useful to enhance indoor shisha smoking experience as they can be used as an aid in charcoal heat management.

Different Sizes of shisha wind covers

Sizes vary from small wind covers which are designed for smaller pumpkin or travel sized pipes up to medium and much larger wind covers designed for medium and large shisha pipes, accordingly.

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Tips for using a shisha wind cover

  • Don’t overload your shisha bowl with charcoals
  • If you’re using a big shisha wind cover, then using two charcoals is recommended to get proper thick smoke clouds. This is because big wind covers need more heat to properly warm your shisha flavour/ bowl warm.
  • Don’t forget to move your charcoals, with the help of tongs, after some time to evenly heat the bowl.
  • If at any point of time your shisha starts tasting a bit harsh or strong, remove the wind cover and charcoal from your shisha bowl and allow the bowl to cool down.
  • You can keep removing your shisha wind cover from the bowl time to time to avoid shisha bowl overheating.

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