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Can you Carry a Shisha Pipe on an Airplane?

Shisha Pipe on Board

Hookah on airplane, shisha pipes in UK, hookahSo shisha is legal. Smoking Shisha through a Shisha pipe is also legal. Carrying around your Shisha Pipe where ever you want is also absolutely fine.  But what happens when you want to go abroad? Is it possible to carry a hookah pipe  when you travel by plane? What are the policies of airlines about carrying a Shisha pipe on the plane?

These are just two of the most popular questions of Hookah smokers who want to carry their shisha pipes anywhere they go, be it domestic or international travel.

Airline Policies

Carrying pipes may or may not be allowed on the plane. This will depend on the airline. You should bear in mind that:

  • Anything that is flammable isn’t allowed on a plane.
  • If the Hookah pipe you’re carrying is small and fits in your carry on bag, then it’s allowed as a carry-on item. However, you must make sure that it’s without liquid.
  • The herbal molasses must be placed in a re-sealable bag (upto 100g), along with the other liquids, like shampoo, cosmetics, etc if you plan to carry as hand luggage or as much as you want in your main luggage.

Please Note: At some airports you may be questioned on the quantity that you carry e.g anything up to 500g-1kg may be acceptable, you should check with the airline before taking your flight. Read UK tobacco products duty guide here!

Do Airlines Even Know What a Hookah is?

Unfortunately, only a few airlines in the UK know what a Shisha pipe is. You might find yourself explaining to the staff what this thing does.

Getting Through the Security Officers

UK airlines have strict guidelines regarding carry-on and checked-in items. Even if Hookah pipes are permitted, additional screening may still be required. The final decision will still rest with the airport security officers if they’d allow the pipes on the plane. Make sure that you heed to these tips:

  • Where possible, take the jar/base as hand /carry-on luggage so that you can make sure that it doesn’t break with the rest of the parts in your main luggage.
  • Ensure that the Hookah pipes are clean. This means that there are no liquids in them when you travel.
  • Pipes don’t have sharp objects in them.
  • The pipes aren’t broken.
  • Disassemble the parts, pack them securely using a bubble-wrap, and put it in the shisha carrying bag.
  • Choose an acrylic Hookah for base material if possible. It’s unbreakable, they are lighter and you can easily carry it with you when traveling.
  • Opt for a good-sized pipe. They’re very convenient to carry when you travel a lot.

These tips will make sure that the pipes aren’t a threat to security or they can’t be used as a weapon. Would someone even think of using it as a weapon? Who knows what goes on the mind of a desperate person though, right?

Buying a Shisha Pipe for Travel

When you buy Shisha online, and you are a travellers, you should choose a smaller shisha pipe that you can easily place inside your bag. This is especially true if you’re frequently traveling and you want to take the pipe with you anywhere you go.

You may think that a smaller pipe won’t give you enough smoke to suit your cravings however whilst smaller, it will still provide you with a good session with the added benefit of being portable.

Nowadays, it’s no longer difficult to find Hookah pipes as you can easily buy Shisha online. Thus, there’s no reason for you to purchase a pipe from Egypt, Turkey, Tunisia or another Middle Eastern country and carry it with you to the UK. You can conveniently shop for different sizes of pipes from The Shisha Shop. We offer a wide range of hookah pipes at unbeatable prices.

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Can you Carry a Shisha Pipe on an Airplane?