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A Quick Guide to Get a Long Hookah Session

A Quick Guide to Get a Long Hookah Session

How To Make Your Shisha Lasts Longer

Every shisha smoker undergoes a transitional phase between buying a ready made shisha at a local shisha spot and owning one at his/her home. Buying the appropriate shisha pipe, hose, bowl, and flavours are the foremost contributors in enhancing the shisha experience.

In a lot of people’s first experience, first home shisha pipe experience doesn’t match the smoking experience they usually get at their local bar/café. This is mainly because they are not getting thick smoke clouds, or the shisha lasts for a shorter period of time. Simply follow these guidelines in order to enjoy the high-quality café style shisha at your home.

Choosing the Correct Shisha Flavour

Shisha Flavour in the bowl


Shisha experts say flavours that contain glycerine and molasses burn for the longer period of time and give thick smoke clouds, which means one should always use the mistiest shisha flavours in their shisha. You can check The Shisha Shop’s best herbal shisha collection including Soex and El Rosha. Moreover, we have also composed a special guide for you to setup your shisha pipe without any hassle, and understand the technicalities of the shisha.

Picking the Best Shisha Bowl

There are various types of shisha bowls available in the market at the moment with each offering something unique to its smokers like for example, the Kaya Funnel ‘Cup’ Clay Bowl is designed for you to place moist and juicy shisha flavours or even next generation paste based flavours such as Hookah Squeeze, in and around the bowl. The unique lip and funnel in the centre of the bowl are raised to prevent the juices from dripping down the bowl and into your jar. This leaves your shisha stem cleaner at the end of the session.  The higher ratio of juice in the bowl, the denser the volume of smoke it will produce.

Correctly Pack your Shisha Bowl

The shisha bowl should be packed loosely if you want a quick, and a shorter smoke session. However, a shisha bowl packed slightly tighter is suitable for the longer smoking session.

The shisha bowl with an aluminium foil, wrapped little bit tight, will ensure the proper airflow in the bowl, and produce more smoke. Don’t wrap your shisha bowl too tight as it obstructs the normal airflow and slows down the flow of more smoke. In addition to this, it will burn  the upper layer of the shisha flavour while leaving the bottom layer and decreasing the length of shisha session.  

Lighting the Shisha Charcoal Properly

Despite the type of shisha charcoal being used, it is important to fully heat it until its colour changes to ash grey. This small step makes your shisha lasts longer and gives you thick clouds of the smoke as well. .  Coconut Charcoal Tower Burner and Natural Charcoal Flat Burner are the great options to let you lit up your shisha charcoal within 5-6 minutes without any hassle. It’s highly recommended to pierce the small holes on the upper surface of the foil and place the coals along the rim of the shisha bowl to equally distribute the heat.

Shisha bowl, wrapping the shisha bowl, hookah bowl, shisha flavour

One more tip for the outdoors shisha smokers to make their shisha lasts longer; it is better to trap the heat of the charcoal by using the wind covers.

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A Quick Guide to Get a Long Hookah Session

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