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Frequently Asked Questions about hookahSqueeze

Frequently Asked Questions about hookahSqueeze

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hookahSqueeze is a relatively new type of tobacco and nicotine-free shisha product, unlike the traditional molasses based flavours, Hookah Squeeze (Actually spelt hookahSqueeze) is a vapour paste. This is a new innovation to the shisha world and is a welcome alternative especially with the new tobacco tax levies applied to tobacco free molasses.
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Hookah Squeeze has proven to be quite a popular new type of flavour, however, we do get a lot of calls, live chat requests and question in regards to how to use the product so here are our most Frequently Asked Questions:

Q – How much of the hookahSqueeze do I need to use?

A – To enjoy a 45 minute shisha session, you simply need to use around 5g of the paste if you are smoking it on its own and between 1-3g if you are looking to mix it in with other flavours including tobacco.

Example of how to use
Example of how to use

Q – How many smoking sessions out of 50g?

A – Typically, you will be using around 5g at a time so should get around 10 sessions out of a 50g tab and more if you are looking to be mixing these flavours. It should be noted though that this will depending on the type of charcoal and bowl used as well as how you smoke the pipe.


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