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Kaya Shisha Pipes – Premium Looks, Premium Smoke

Kaya Shisha Pipes – Premium Looks, Premium Smoke

Kaya have quite a reputation in the shisha marketplace for producing quality products with off-the-wall designs. Stepping away from traditional form, yet with a nod to the past, they provide us with some stunning futuristic designs with features to match. We are now stocking their latest range, the ELOX. They have Anodised Aluminium metal parts…Continue Reading

Are You Ready for The Seasha?

Imagine the scene. You’re lazing in your pool, the sun is out and it’s a red hot day. You’ve been floating around for at least an hour on your luxurious inflatable lilo, and then you realise you’re missing something. You notice your hookah is over on the side of the pool and you really would…Continue Reading

Did You Know Porsche Made a Shisha Pipe?

Feast your eyes on that! Pretty neat, huh? Made of aluminium, glass, synthetic leather and ceramic, the “Shisha 2.0” is described as: “A Breeze of Luxury. The Shisha 2.0 with a puristic design and exclusive materials as aluminium and mouth-blown glas. The Shisha is 73,5 cm high and provides you an extraordinary experience. Enjoyment –…Continue Reading