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Have You Tried Smoking Hookah Upside Down?

dragon flip

Well, I did once try it when I got home late one night, and someone dared me. I won a pizza.

But, with the Hookah Dragon Flip, you can actually smoke your hookah upside down without all the problems of the blood rushing to your head.

For a slower cook of your tobacco, this design has the shisha on the top tray with your charcoal on the bottom, so the tobacco doesn’t get into direct contact with the heat and, therefore, doesn’t become charred.

You can use your standard foils or the supplied charcoal screen to keep your shisha in place. Also, the clever design means you can adjust the heat by lowering or raising the charcoal tray for better heat management.

It’ll fit on any standard hookah, so there’s no need to rush out and buy a whole new kit (unless you really want to!) and it works with any type of shisha.

Give it a whirl today and get 27% off!