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Is There Such a Thing as e-Shisha?


When the smoking ban was introduced, it had a devastating effect on bars and clubs where smoking was part of the night out. This was doubly troublesome for shisha lounges which, let’s face it, rely on smoking as the main income. At least in bars people would carry on drinking and eating.

However, smokers haven’t let this stop them, and the e-cigarette is a popular pastime. They’re perfectly legal to smoke indoors, and they have none of the harsh chemicals you find in cigarettes. They do contain a small amount of nicotine, however, and some have seen this as an ideal healthier substitute to traditional smoking.

But shisha hasn’t been left behind, in fact, it’s the perfect fit. For example, you’ll notice now that there’s a vast array of flavours about for e-cigarettes. They’re available from most stockists and also online. Surely that’s just like shisha? As a hookah smoker, you’ll have been used to all these exotic flavours for years, why is this any different?

Well, in truth, it’s not different. The same vapours are now available in shisha form, and so you can enjoy your shisha wherever you are.

What’s more, many of the shisha pens offered by the Shisha Shop contain no nicotine at all, they simply produce a thick vapour and give you an incredible flavour, wherever you are.

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