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How to Blow Smoke Hearts Using Hookah Smoke

Smoke Trick # 5: How to Blow Smoke Hearts  Smoking shisha has become a favourite pastime activity/hobby for a lot of people. The added fun of blowing various shapes and forms using the smoke only further reinstates how interesting it can be. The fact that shisha tends to have a characteristic heavy smoke makes it…Continue Reading

Smoke Tornado: Learn How to Blow it

Smoke Trick # 4: The Smoke Tornado The Shisha Shop in UK offers plenty of Hookah pipes and flavours to buy and enjoy. This means that you can easily grab a cheap and durable  Shisha in UK and perform the smoke tornado trick. It’s a kind of trick that surely amazes anyone that watches you.…Continue Reading

When Hookah Gets a Royal Touch…

Prince Harry Enjoys a Shisha Pipe in UAE Prince Harry really knows how to have a good time with his friends after strenuous hours of work. Last week, Prince Harry attended Formula 1 final in Abu Dhabi. After spending his day watching his buddy Lewis Hamilton winning the race, he was spotted in the Emirati…Continue Reading

How to Do a Ghost Face Smoke Trick?

Shisha Smoke Trick # 1: Ghost Face Ghost Face is one of the simplest smoking tricks that you can perform using Hookah pipes. You don’t need expensive shisha pipes for this trick. By the way, you can take a look at the options available on the website of Shisha Shop London to find a perfect…Continue Reading

Six Ways to Avoid Hookah Smoke Smell

Hookah Smoke Can be Problematic for your Homes & Clothes The smell of the Hookah smoke has been a big problem for the smokers. This smoke smell stinks up the room and also gets soaked into your clothes. Some people find this difficult and they end up not determining a lasting solution. What is a…Continue Reading