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Maybe We Didn’t See a Ghost, But You Can Create One!

Last week we brought you news of an apparent ghost caught on camera in a bar in Russia. The ‘ghost’ knocked a shisha pipe off the bar.

The local police said it was more likely some thieves, and we’re inclined to believe them because, well, there’s no such things as ghosts.

But it got us thinking, and searching. Is there another link between Shisha and ghosts that we could investigate? Well of course, there’s the ever-faithful art of the smoke trick, and here are some examples, including the “ghost inhale”:

Think you can do better? Well why not film yourself, upload it to YouTube and send us a link to your very best ghost-themed smoke tricks!

Double Smoke Rings

Double Smoke Rings

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How to Blow Smoke Hearts Using Hookah Smoke

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