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An exclusive Shisha Lounge in Monaco?

We already know that a lot of famous people like to enjoy a bit of shisha every now and then, some of them even get in trouble for it. We’ve also covered here the bizarre laws that are being invoked just to try and stop them opening, or close them if they already have opened.

The thing is, shisha is for everyone (over a certain age) and it’s enjoyed by many thousands of people all over the world and from varying backgrounds. However, if you wanted to splash the cash a bit and smoke in a rather special place, where could you go?


Turns out, I was in Monaco last week (clang – name drop) and as I was walking around trying to find somewhere to buy a beer for less than 20 euros (I failed), I noticed a sign on a restaurant advertising “Shisha on Terrace”. The Buddha bar is an Asian themed restaurant and when you’ve had your meal, you can walk out on to the terrace to relax with a smoke.

I had to check it out!

Lo and behold, a shisha terrace!

Shisha in Monaco

Nobody was using it while I was there and unfortunately, I didn’t have the time to relax and try it out, but it got me thinking on if there were other exclusive places to take a smoke? I’m guessing there are plenty, so tell us, where’s the best place you’ve enjoyed Shisha?