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Common Shisha or Hookah Myths Busted

Common Shisha or Hookah Myths Busted

Hookah Myths – Explained and Busted

A few days ago, we started a thread on the Hookah subreddit to glean some common hookah myths and invited all the smokers to bust those myths. Interestingly, many shisha smokers contributed to the subreddit with some astounding myths.

We have extracted some of the best myths here to share with you.

1. A Bigger Hookah gives you thicker clouds and a longer smoking session

Some of the newbies think Longer stemmed shisha gives Better Smoke, which is not true. The quality of the smoke clouds and the duration of the shisha session depend solely on how well you pack the bowl, manage the heat. Moreover, the size of the shisha base determines the quality of the smoke clouds and the longevity of the shisha session.

Note: The big hookah base holds both a plenty of smoke and water, which improve the thickness of the smoke clouds produced.   

2. Hookah is the Illegal Product

Hookah is illegal to smoke; a myth commonly prevails among the nonsmokers, which is incorrect.

This myth can put you in a lot of trouble; as non-smokers perceive it as an illegal product. You should address your lessor, friends, and family about the legality of the hookah to avoid all kinds of unforeseen circumstances.

3. Hookahs are used to Smoke Drugs and Alcohol

Many people believe hookahs are used to get drunk or smoke drugs like crack cocaine which is not correct at all.

Remember, it is not recommended to mix alcohol in the water as it can nausea and dizziness.

4. shisha myths, hookah myths, hookah, shisha pipes, the shisha pipe, hookah pipesAdding Milk to the Base Gives Thicker Clouds

Another myth smashed brutally by the smokers is adding milk to the base of the hookah instead of water. Smokers specified it nothing more than an illusion and an ultimate hookah taste spoiler.

Air, when passes through milk’s fats, produces lasting bubbles and froth which get pulled through the hose.

Moreover, milk residual in the hookah parts aids the bacterial growth inside the hookah, and if inhaled, can cause respiratory or lungs disorders.   

5. Quick light Charcoals are the Best!

The Hookah dealers endorse quick light charcoals because of the ease they light up. The smell and taste of the quick light charcoals hinder the original flavour of the hookah. In the reality, smokers prefer natural hookah charcoals to enjoy a long session of smoking.

Other funny myths are:

  1. Hookah has too many calories and can make you obese. Seriously?
  2. You can put coals anywhere on the hookah.
  3. Every time smoke from the tallest and the brand new hookah at the shisha café.

I hope you have enjoyed this article and if you want to add some hookah myths feel free to add a comment below. ⬇️

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Common Shisha or Hookah Myths Busted

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