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Are Steam Stones a Safer Way to Enjoy Shisha?

Are Steam Stones a Safer Way to Enjoy Shisha?

One of the biggest problems facing us shisha smokers these days is the relentless torrent of news telling us that it’s bad for us. Search anything to do with shisha or hookah and you’ll get the same results, “shisha is bad for you”, “shisha is worse than cigarettes” etc, etc.

Let’s face it, we’re going to do it anyway, we’re adults. But as we load up the hookah pipe, are there other ways we can enjoy the same experience but without the potential dangers?

Shisha tobacco is, let’s face it, tobacco and no matter how we try to dress it up, it’s going to have the same dangers as tobacco. Of course, there are still those who tell us that the fact it is filtered through water makes it safer, but it really doesn’t. Some particulates are removed, but the danger is still there.

Comparing a shisha pipe smoker to a cigarette smoker is wrong, though. Cigarette smokers tend to smoke at any time of the day, disappearing during a meeting to quickly “have a smoke” or taking a break during the day. You really can’t do this with a shisha pipe. Taking your pipe to the office would be impractical and look a little weird!

No, smoking is usually a leisure activity. It’s often shared, and it’s usually at home or in a lounge for a while at night or weekends while reading the paper.

But, we can make it safer, and that’s where shisha stones come in.

The flavour of shisha stones comes from the glycerine they’re soaked in. It gives you the flavours of shisha without all the nasty chemicals, and some people prefer them to tobacco, and not purely because of the health reasons.

There’s now been a report into the safety of them, and, in typical ‘clutching at straws’ mode, the scientists have conceded that yes, stones are fine – but you still get smoke from the charcoal.

Yes, we know that!

Either way, if you want a healthier way to enjoy your smoke, check out our shisha stones here!